Matt Davenport

Matt Davenport

Matt has been writing blogs since 2008. Newspaper articles prior to that. Most of it has been about the goodness of God. "Life's greatest purpose is God and all that entails." He has written and published seven books with a long list waiting in line. His prolific writing is attributed, by himself, to a gift from the Great Master Author. The books range from devotionals to Christian and family fiction. The genres' variety has demanded that he use pen names. So he writes all his devotionals and blogs under "Matt Davenport". Adult/Christian fiction is written under M.R.Davenport. And he writes Y.A. under E.M.Oliver. The Y.A. writing is currently under a goal of two separate series' that will, eventually, converge into one another. These two series' involve a total of 10 books (one written and published already) that are set to culminate by the end of 2025.

He is married to his best friend and editor, Nancy. Between the two of them, they have 7 children and 12 grandchildren. They are blessed to reside on a beautiful, old farm (built during the Civil War) which they share with a very large heard of goats and two chummy barn cats. Which is all located in Oregon.

"While my work will always have a great range of story and character, I will never be embarrassed by children (mine or someone else's) reading it."

Sapphire Arts is his and his wife's company. It is still in the baby stages and will eventually combine a publishing and design LLC. Add to that the talent they both have for creation (woodcraft, seamstress craft, digital design, etc), and SA will have much to offer.

They have a daily (Monday through Saturday) online Bible Study at 9 a.m. Pacific time. It is open to anyone who wishes to join in and watch by requesting to be friends with Matt on Facebook.

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