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Many Christian men face different challenges to their faith, experience different types of growth, and face their own personal revelations.

We feel God desires these testimonies and voices from other men to be heard, we encourage men who God has convicted in their hearts to share their life experiences on Joshua’s Outpost. Since we are a Christian blog, articles should have a foundation in the Bible. We believe it is God’s desire that Joshua’s Outpost reaches men to change our culture and create faith warriors of Christian men to advance His Kingdom.

Please submit a draft of your article that meets the following guidelines using the directions below for consideration and review:

Guest Contributor Posting Policy

If you’re looking to guest post on Joshua’s Outpost, we would love to have you on board. We welcome ideas that encourage thoughts and discussion on the topics of faith, family, and culture. We believe that Joshua’s Outpost will benefit from a wide range of contributors to these topics.  We encourage men to join in our conversations through their personal testimonies or thought-provoking articles that will promote exciting discussion and serve the interests of our community. That being said, we still need some guidelines around guest posts. There can’t just be any type of article written, so we have these terms and conditions for you to read, understand, and agree before you decide to guest post with us.

Terms and Conditions

  • We welcome and encourage men to guest post on subjects related to faith, family, and culture centered on engaging men to be warriors in their faith.
  • We do not offer any compensation for writing guest posts.
  • We do not guarantee any particular site or audience reach
  • We will review your article and post it on the blog if we consider it to be suitable. Please allow a few days for moderation and approval.
  • If you would rather email us a sample of your article before committing to writing the entire post, please do so at joshuasoutpost@gmail.com
  • Please only send original content. We ask that any quest posts you submit are truly your own work and not published elsewhere. Plagiarism or copyright infringement is not permitted.
  • When quoting others, please make sure to properly cite your source by linking the source in your article.
  • You may include a keyword-rich back-link to your own blog, but please do not submit links to a commercial business or affiliate site. Your post will immediately be rejected if you do. Please do not promote or sell products in your article. This is strictly prohibited.
  • Articles must be at least 600 words long, but no more than 1000 words.
  • Make sure to provide a short 150-word biography.
  • Please pay careful attention to grammar and spelling. Please also ensure that your post is relevant to the subject and easy to read.
  • You may supply up to 3 images per post, which must be your own work or from the public domain. More importantly, you must have possessed the necessary rights to use the images.
  • We reserve the right to reject or edit posts. We may also remove previously authorized articles from Joshua’s Outpost without prior notification.
  • Upon submission, review, and approval, Joshua’s Outpost will publish the article to the website.  We understand the work that is exerted to write a blog article. However, the fact that you have written an article and submitted it, does not guarantee publication.
  • We promote our posts on social networks including  Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We also encourage you to promote your own posts through your own networks, too. You should be proud of what you wrote!
  • If you decide that you would like to publish your post elsewhere (i.e. personal blog), we request that you wait at least two weeks from its original publish date on Joshua’s Outpost before going to another site. Joshua’s Outpost must be cited as the original source along with a link to the article on JoshuasOutpost.com. After the two weeks, you grant Joshua’s Outpost a non-exclusive right to continue to host and make available your content on our site for perpetuity.

By being a guest contributor to Joshua’s Outpost, you agree that you are in no way becoming a part of the blog, nor shall you hold yourself out to be a representative of Joshua’s Outpost with express permission from the managing editor.

Possible Topic Areas

Here are suggested topics that you can write about:

  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Overcoming sin and temptation
  • Personal testimonies on faith and courage
  • Personal habits on reading the Word
  • Revelations God has given you that would be an encouragement or devotional for other men.
  • Culture as it relates to men and their faith
  • Biblical Marriage

All posts should reinforce our mission to encourage men to be warriors in their faith and walk with Christ.

Joshua’s Outpost is comprised of content from multiple authors; some part of Joshua’s Outpost and others are guest contributors or community members.

Write For Joshua’s Outpost

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